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With its striking new grille, colour-coded bumpers and numerous other design cues, the Transit has a contemporary and professional look that says all the right things about your business.
  • Dizanji i jashtëm

    Colour-coded bumpers

    For a more contemporary look, the bumpers on the new Transit perfectly match the vehicle's body colour. (Optional)

    Flat body panels

    As well as providing high strength, reinforced protection, flat body panels give you a substantial mobile advertising space for your business.

    Sliding doors

    A sliding passenger side door provides convenient access for loading and unloading, particularly for forklifts. And, if you need even greater access, you can specify a sliding load door on the driver's side too.

    Rear doors

    Twin unglazed rear doors are fitted as standard. For safety reasons, the doors open to 90° but can be opened to 180° at the push of a button, or to 256° on Jumbo models, for maximum access.

    Innovative stepped bumpers

    Steps integrated into each side of the bumper (and cleverly recessed near the fog lights) make it easy to clean the windscreen from edge to edge. And since both front and rear bumpers each comprise three sections, replacement is now much more cost-effective.

    Revised Suspension

    A revised suspension balance delivers a smoother ride, both laden and unladen.

    Advanced headlights

    Lighting technology in the Transit is designed to make driving at night or in poor conditions easier, safer and more comfortable. The large lenses of the headlights provide a high degree of illumination and can incorporate a fog light for even greater visibility. The optional automatic headlights will automatically come on when the sensors detect a reduction in daylight conditions: at dusk or in a tunnel, for example.

  • Ngjyrat


    Choose from a range of colours and trims.

    Colorado Red

    Frozen White

    Moondust Silver

    Panther Black

    Midnight Sky


    Mars Red

    Dark Milastone

    Blazer Blue

    Performance Blue

    Ink Blue

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    Photos and downloads

    View more images of the Transit in the photo gallery or download them as wallpaper.

    Ford Transit

    Rear Doors

    Van Racking solutions

    Sliding Doors

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