Protect your vehicle with our FREE Ford Around-the-Wheel Health Check

  • Around-The-Wheel Health Check
    Driving over potholes, or even against kerbs, can seriously affect your vehicle’s performance. Potential problems include uneven tyre wear, compromised handling and increased fuel consumption. So with the current state of the roads, there’s never been a better time to get your FREE Ford Around-The-Wheel Vehicle Health Check.

    25% Off affected components...
    Our Ford licensed technicians will inspect your vehicle concentrating on key components which may be affected by potholes, including suspension struts , wheels and wheel bearings.. What’s more, if any of these components require replacing , we’ll give you 25% off the fitted price.

    Need Tyres?

    No worries! We stock the complete range of Ford approved tyres at unbeatable prices, and we will also fit them for FREE.

    Book your free Ford Around-the-Wheel Vehicle Health online at


  • Participating Dealers
  • Terms and Conditions
    The Ford ATW health check is available to Ford retail customers at participating Dealers only. The Ford ATW health check is available on all Ford passenger and commercial vehicles. Please mention the ATW at the time of booking. The ATW and associated promotional offers apply to the checked vehicle only.

    If the vehicle health check identifies any additional work required, this will be advised and quoted for. No additional chargeable work will be undertaken without express agreement of the customer. Free fitment of any tyres sold as a result of the vehicle check. 25% discount only applies to Shock Absorbers, Single Wheel Bearings & Kits and wheels. Henry Ford & Son Ltd reserves the right to change, amend or withdraw the whole or part of these offers at any time. All work must be completed by July 31st 2013.



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