Rruga me mire per te mirembajtur dhe riparimit per Ford-in tuaj

We’ll take as much care servicing and repairing your vehicle as we did building it. Our highly skilled service teams will help keep your Ford in tip-top condition and safe to drive, which could also contribute to its resale value. Expect value for money, professional service and high quality parts, because no-one knows your Ford our Ford technicians do.

  • Ne rast aksidenti
    In the event of an accident, a few simple rules can be a great help to all drivers:

    1. Secure the scene of the accident
    •  Switch on hazard lights
    •  Set up your warning triangle; if you are on a motorway, move to a safe place together with other involved parties, e.g. behind a crash barrier
    2. First Aid
    •  Check the casualty’s breathing and pulse
    •  Place the casualty in the recovery position
    •  Treat shock, stop any bleeding
    3. Call the emergency services (112). Provide the following information:
    •  What happened?
    •  Where did it happen?
    •  When did it happen?
    •  How many casualties are there?
    •  Who is calling?
    4. Call Ford Assistance
    5. Record details of the accident and document evidence
    •  Speak to witnesses and note their contact details
    •  Take photographs showing scale
    •  Fill out an accident report and have it signed by all participants – signing the form does not represent acceptance of liability.

    If you're involved in an accident, record the details on our accident information leaflet while they’re still fresh in your mind. If you print it out and keep it in your glove compartment, it will help you provide your insurance company with all the details of your accident when notifying them.


  • Ford Original Parts

    Why you should insist on Ford original parts

    We manufacture our replacement parts to the same high standards as our cars. Because, with more than 100 years' experience in vehicle manufacture, we know how important it is to keep your Ford 100% Ford, to ensure the safety of your passengers.

    The advantages of Ford original parts

    We’re determined to ensure your Ford protects you, your passengers and pedestrians. So Ford original parts are designed, manufactured and tested to meet and, in many instances, exceed statutory safety standards and homologation requirements.

    For example, independent comparative tests by the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) in 2006, on behalf of Ford of Europe, showed that the injury risks in a pedestrian collision were up to 17% greater with an imitation Ford bonnet than with a genuine one.

    All parts of your Ford are designed to work together for optimum performance, complete comfort and maximum fuel efficiency. The same goes for Ford original parts, which are manufactured to the same strict specifications as our factory-fitted parts.

    Ford original parts’ high standards of design and manufacture ensure the very best fit and finish, reliability and performance. They’re designed to fit perfectly without forcing, gaps or distortion, providing the same finish as production parts.

    Keep your Ford 100% Ford, and you may be glad you did so, when you come to sell it. Insisting on Ford original parts could help maintain its resale value.

    Whether for servicing, repairs or bodywork, or choosing Ford Accessories, your Ford Warranty gives you complete peace of mind. All repairs are carried out in line with the highest quality standards. And if you decide to sell your Ford, the transferable warranty is an added benefit for the new owner.

    The Ford perforation warranty for the whole vehicle only remains valid if Ford original parts are used for repairs.

    You can spot an authentic Ford original part by its branding. Our easily recognisable trademark is often displayed in a prominent position.

    Contact your local Ford Dealer.


  • Repair Quality

    The right place to go for all the service you need

    Ford Dealers / Authorised Repairers offer excellent service when you need repairs. All dealer technicians are trained by Ford, whose quality control ensures quality results, while Ford Original Parts are always available and all repairs carry a warranty. We offer the right service solutions for vehicles of all ages and will deal with your insurance company, if required. Plus, your Ford Perforation Warranty for the whole vehicle will remain valid.

    Keep your Ford performing safely with Ford Original Parts

    Our replacement parts are made to the same high standards as our cars. Choose Ford Original Parts for the highest performance, safety and durability. The high standards of Ford Original Parts ensure their fit and finish, reliability and performance. Use Ford Original Parts and maintain the resale value of your car, as potential buyers could pay more for your car as a result. You can spot a Ford Original Part by our easily recognisable trademark, often displayed in a prominent position.

    Comprehensive protection for you and everyone around you.

    We know how important safety is to you. And your Ford provides excellent passenger and pedestrian safety, not least because of the use of Ford Original Parts. Independent tests conducted by the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) show that the risk of injury in the event of a pedestrian collision is up to 17% greater with one of the tested copy bonnets.


  • Service Repair Guide

    Have your Ford repaired by people who know it inside out

    Ford-trained technicians, Ford original parts, and Ford Dealer quality control ensure the best possible results.

    Choosing and checking your tyres

    It’s tempting to take them for granted, but your tyres are crucial to the performance and safety of your Ford. That's why we make it a priority to find the best tyres for your car and offer free tyre checks.

    Self Checks between services

    Find out how to check your car regularly and help avoid things going wrong.

    Service and repair FAQs

    If you’ve any queries about servicing your Ford, take a look at these Frequently Asked Questions.

    Choosing the right oil for your Ford

    All of our Ford vehicles leave the factory filled with Castrol oil, which gives you benefits from mile one. With the right oil, you can continue to enjoy these benefits and keep your vehicle running at its peak for longer.

    Contact your local Ford Dealer.


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