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    Ford Easy Fuel

    Shpesh perdoruesit e makinave hedhin nafte ne serbatorin e benzines ose e kunderta. Ndodh shpesh – por jo ne makinat Ford. Ford Easy Fuel eshte nje sistem furnizimi me karburant qe ben ndryshim nepermjet pompes se naftes me ate te benzines.

    Tyre Deflation Detection

    We believe that potential problems should be tackled before they become real problems. The Tyre Deflation Detection technology is an option across the Focus range, with sensors that constantly monitor each tyre, and provides an alert on the instrument panel if there’s a loss of pressure (optional extra).

    Lighting technology

    The lighting technology in the Ford Focus has been designed to make night-time driving easier, safer and more comfortable. The headlights automatically turn on when the sensors detect a reduction in light conditions, which means you won’t need to turn them on at dusk, at night or when you are going through a tunnel. Adaptive front headlights are available as an option.

    Bi-xenon headlights

    These highly efficient headlights deliver twice the intensity and project a far longer light beam than conventional halogen headlights, yet they use only two thirds of the energy (optional extra).

    Rain-sensing wipers

    Rain-sensing wipers, which are standard on some models and optional on others, offer six levels of sensitivity, springing into action automatically at the first drop of rain and increasing in speed to deal with whatever the weather can come up with. Aside from the added convenience, it’s one less thing to have to think about (model specific).

    Park Assist

    There are rear sensors that make parking and manoeuvring both safer and easier. An audible warning helps you judge the distance between your car and any obstacle behind you, so you have complete confidence and peace of mind, particularly in tight spaces (optional extra).


    This is a convenient device that stops you having to search around for your keys. Simply walk up to the door or boot and pull the handle. Even if your key is in your pocket or bag, the system will detect its presence and unlock the vehicle and de-activate the alarm. You can, of course, use the remote control buttons to open or lock the car if you’d prefer. (optional extra).


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