Park your car in the smallest spaces with ease

In busy towns and cities it’s not always easy to find a parking space. And when you do, it can be almost impossible to squeeze into. Now, with parking aid and, on selected models, our rear-view camera to help you, you’ll be able to fit your car into the tightest spaces with ease.
  • Parking Aid

    Parking Aid

    To help you park into small spaces, ultrasonic sensors located in the vehicle’s bumpers are used to measure your distance to the nearest objects. The sensors are located in either the rear, or both front and rear bumpers, and become active when you select reverse gear.

    When the sensors detect an object, you’ll hear a series of beeps. The closer you get to the object, the faster they repeat until, at 30 cm, they turn into a continuous tone.

    Parking Aid is available in:



  • Rear-view camera

    Rear-view camera

    Sometimes when you’re parking, it’s impossible to see obstacles behind you, such as bollards and low walls – and you can find yourself backing into them.
    Our optional rear-view camera can help you, by displaying a grid view from the rear of the vehicle on the screen of the premium navigation system. This makes it easier and safer to park. The rear-view camera is especially useful when you’re reversing to hook up to a trailer or caravan.
    Please refer to the specific models pages for option availability.


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